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Keep in mind all bright blue underlined words are hyperlinks…  go visit!

Facebook and Twitter…

Schedule your posts on Later Bro

Tag someone in your Facebook Posts…

To create a hyperlink to someone in your posts, simply type “@” in the post bar and start typing their name as you know it on Facebook. A list will be generated with the names of  people in your Facebook Friends whose name starts with the letters you’ve typed. (You will notice the list expands to include pages, brands, events and companies.)

Click on the name you want, complete your post and click share  – the name will become a hyperlink represented in blue text, i.e., @VoicesInPrint becomes VoicesInPrint.

Create 3-D Post of the key words found in your posts with a cool Facebook APP called the Status Analyzer 3D All you have to do is click through on this hyper link, LIKE the page and add the APP to your Facebook… and then – create!

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