Publishing Resources

There are a number of important resources you need once you make the decision to publish a book… why exhaust your valuable time deciding what they are, and where to find them when you can make this one of your favorite pages.  Some categories have sufficient content to warrant being their own page – making it easier for you to fill your needs more quickly.

Book Marketing Resources

Professional Peers

Social Media

The Book Store


United States Copyright Office

  • Copyright Basics
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Current Fees
  • Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright
  • Registrations and Documents
  • Preregistration Information
  • Preregister Your Work
  • Record a Document
  • Copyright Law

Official ISBN Site

  • What is an ISBN?
  • Why do you need one?
  • How do you get one?

Article Writing

Article writing remains a significant tool for marketing your work… creating a buzz for your mastery and expert status.  Many times the task calls for fresh, original work; others – it is just as wise to take old materials you have let the dust settle upon and put a new “spin” on them.  It is not uncommmon that the information we want to bring to our readers is somewhat overwhelming and our efforts are better received by them when broken down into many smaller messages.  The following resources are intended to assist you with learning and implementing this process.

Article Marketing

Article Writing Software

Article Spinner

Free Spinner 



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