Book Marketing Strategies: When Social Media Comes Calling – Do You Respond?

I have had feedback this week that putting the pressure on to have Authors add more to their plate to spend valuable writing time posting on social media is akin to some sort of cruelty!  One person even suggested that there was an extreme gap between the writing they want to accomplish in service to others and the prattle of what they deem to be somewhat self-serving.

I admit to having a relatively heightened degree of empathy for this line of thinking, but when you go back to the very foundation that “your book IS a business” I would have to challenge this line of thinking by giving the reminder that when viewed in a healthy perspective, social media become a wonderful give that provides many opportunities for expanded expression as a writer!  Furthermore, if your intent with your writing is to expand your expert status or gain a competitive edge… social media gives you that viral ability to compete on a level playing field.  If you are serious about taking your book further than Steven Wright and  just getting the pages numbered…

As I continue to bring information and motivation to utilize social media as a standard part of your book promotion campaign(s), I become even more passionate that such a campaign is an absolutely critical component.  It is the very reason I become more fervent about shifting into supporting authors at that promotion level.  Your manuscript might be the most exciting fiction piece ever crafted, or the most compelling information product; however, what good does it do you if you are not getting the visibility necessary to bring buyers to the door, or gain the interest of publishers and agents who are looking for someone just like you?

I hope that, if you are sitting on the edge of the fence with the empowerment of social media in your book promotion campaign(s), you will let this sit and stir around in your “attic world” for a few days – and then address some of the following tips on how to get started.

One of the eBooks I wrote last fall was entitled, “Winning the Author’s Inner Game.” Now, that discourse was certainly about much more than how an Author approaches a new concept as far-reaching as Social Media, but the key point remains… no matter how much a learning curve you experience, there are a few essential keys to help you shift off that sharply protruding fence edge and get comfortable with a process that may prove to be surprisingly enjoyable!

  • SOCIAL MEDIA IS A REALITY:  The first step obviously involves a possible attitude adjustment! If you have been in resistance mode for an extended period of time, you may need to embrace the reality that Social Media is not an option to book promotion – it is a reality.
  •  BE PREPARED FOR CHANGE:  Another attitude adjustment calls for you to check in with yourself and make a decision that, yes, you are willing and able to learn something new, along with which is social media and the recognition that it’s only constant may well be change.
  • CHOOSE JUST ONE: The next key may give you a certain degree of comfort; begin with just one of the available platforms, and only after you have mastered it, or feel ready to undertake another learning curve, move on to the next. I have it on good report that Facebook is probably the more friendly choice. It may be more difficult to implement initially; however, the nature and size of your posts are less restrictive, as is the ability to craft links to other related sites/information.  
  • CREATE, MAINTAIN, AND ENJOY A BLOG: I cannot imagine an Author who is serious about being successful not having a blog to which they post at minimum one time a week!  When structured properly, the blog allows you to select a specific topic which you can pretty much rely on being something you can take to a tightly niched target market.  When you are writing about your wisdom, experience, and passion, you begin to get to the heart of your readers – who will then expect to see more of your work in many Social Media platforms. Not only will the blog be a central communication place, it allows you to interconnect that blog to other personal and professional activities and most templates allow you to automate many, if not all, the activities required in posting your articles and comments.  
  • SAVE TWITTER FOR LAST: Unless you are a person of few words, you might want to leave Twitter until such time as you have learned to wing it in other areas and have more time to focus on the simplified 140 character comments you are allowed in your quest to gain followers the world over. In addition to the required brevity with powerful one-liners, it is also necessary to automate and integrate the links and posts among all your social media platforms.  
  • MONITOR AND LEVERAGE YOUR RESULTS: Nothing should be done as part of a book promotion campaign unless you have a plan to monitor the amount of time, energy and resources you invest in those activities. The intention is to share your message with a larger world in an accelerated fashion, and to connect at a deeper level with potential readers and other professionals and peers who are willing to support your activities. 
  • BE CONSISTENT AND BRIEF: In the beginning, the only progress you will be able to experience will be increasing your Author Platform; this can be accomplished if you are serious about your objective and maximize your productivity for 30 minutes to an hour per day. If you focus more on the connections and fun you have meeting an exponentially expanding platform, and use the comments and feedback you receive to help direct your promotion efforts, you will find one day – out of the blue that your list of loyal followers will have spread – virally!

I have been writing professionally for more than 25 years. I am also a passionate Literary Strategist – helping authors navigate the oft-times confusing maze known as Publishing.  I can be reached at:

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