What is a Literary Strategist?

It is natural for you to inquire, “What is a Literary Strategist?” How can you benefit from a relationship with them unless you know what you are working with?

Strategists look at the circumstances of the present, envision something different for the future, and develop approaches to make visions a reality.  A Literary Strategist supports the endeavors of Entrepreneurs who seek to be successful in publishing their life’s work, or other manuscripts in a three stage process:

1. Writing and the writer’s mindset, which includes the editing, formatting, and all things administrative. The “inner game of an author” calls for knowing how to wade your way through these early stages can make a difference in whether you complete your project, or leave it on the cutting room floor. 2. Publishing, printing, and distribution. Helping you decide if you are going to seek out a traditional publisher, create your own mini-publishing company, or work through a hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds. 3. Publicity, promotion, PR, marketing and sales. At the end of the day – getting that book into the hands of those who need it is the critical element. There are a lot of mistakes that can be avoided when you are guided through a process that is unique to the publishing industry, accelerating your success and saving you time, money, frustration and disappointment. Perhaps you are just not really sure you need or want to take a step as big as putting your voice in print; however, the shift in decision making is sometimes achieved when coming face to face with some really tough questions. To help you along that path, consider the following… ARE YOU: 

  • Getting the recognition you deserve as one of the top experts in your field?
  • Where you want to be as an author?
  • Receiving as much publicity as you should?
  • Selling as many books as you expected?
  • Making the level of income you would like?
  • Having the impact on others you could?
  • Hearing from lots of people about how your work has changed their lives for the better?

If not, a Literary Strategist will help you manage the changes you want, accelerating the journey to get where you want to be. Placing your energies into writing requires serious consideration. There are myriad questions you have running through your mind, countless “myths” you need cleared, and probably a bad case of nerves that needs quieting. That can happen with one of our Breakthrough Strategy Sessions.   Just a quiet conversation that is all about YOU and the answers you need.

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