What does it take to be “the motivated author?”

I don’t often focus on the motivated author; there are a large number of writing coaches who do quite a lovely job with that.  However, I had a conversation with a client last night, seeking counsel from me on how HE might mentor and motivate a worthy young man whom he feels has “the gift” of words.  It was one of those conversations where, in my attempt to be the mentor, found it a valuable learning moment for me!  There was no stumbling around for thought – in my passion for one of the MOST VALUABLE benefits I bring to my clients, I was able to clearly articulate that the young man must first do two things:

  1. Embrace and come alive with WHY he wants to write; to discover, at a core level – a soul level, what message he wants to share with readers and what pain he can resolve for someone with that message.  Without that clarity, what value does a book have?
  2. As the motivated author, to be aware and open to the opportunities which will present themselves in a very big way, once the seed of intention has been planted!  Life will never look, smell, or feel the same way, once you are intentioned to a specific discovery!

What does being the motivated author have to do with writing a book?

Have you ever really taken the time to think about how writing a book could be highly instrumental in growing your business to new levels… and in that thinking, found yourself not sure where to begin or how to do it? Although I don’t focus on motivating my clients, it is easy for me to have essentially the same result by keeping the focus on your book as a business, and strategically helping you discover what you really want – and how to make it happen – and happen with profit in mind!


What kind of lifestyle would writing a book create?

It is not a bit uncommon for me to hear the plaintiff cries, ” I wish I had…….” or “I wish I could…….”  It is heart-breaking to realize that far too many people like to wish, but find it difficult to take the action necessary to achieve the results.  Breaking some personal chains of really negative childhood programming, I find it almost impossible to label someone “lazy.”  I choose to live my life filled with as much positive appreciation of others as I can find, and prefer to stir up the fire inside, encouraging others to accept that, yes, they can have something better than what they now have! You would probably be shocked at how many people just don’t realize they have never given any time to asking the kind of questions that will reveal to them what  THEY really want.  Like amoebas, people move forward in life, bumping into some wall – and changing directions; moving forward in life and bumping into an other wall – and changing directions… on and on and on – always living a reactive life rather than one by their design! Perhaps you can see why I am so passionate about encouraging people to write; the motivated author will be much more inclined to WANT something specific in life; want it badly enough to be creative and strategic in making it happen.  More often than one would imagine – a book is the PERFECT vehicle for them to do so! When I ask my crazy questions, it is with the intention of helping you get inside and make important personal discoveries for yourself!  It is too easy to settle for coveting another person’s lifestyle just because it is so glaringly visible, but when you seek your own truth, you will probably discover what someone else has chosen for a lifestyle really isn’t what you want. You may be drawn to the income, perceived success and credibility; however, at the end of the day, you will come to realize that these THINGS are NOT a lifestyle – they are more the RESULT of a lifestyle  – filled with clarity of purpose, dedication to your goal, and commitment to hard work.

What do you find at the CORE?

We are surrounded with celebrities and at some level it is probably natural to want all they are able to experience – again, because it is constantly in our face …  the media makes sure we see it all, from the looks to the material trappings, from the exciting life to the monetary compensation.  What we do not see, however, is the sacrifices these celebrities make… the long hours, the invasion of their private lives, the frequent breach from family and friends. However, at their core, THEY KNOW what they want and what they may be willing for the short term, to sacrifice for the long term gain, and because of that clarity, they are dedicated from the very core of their being to that achievement. What DO you find at your core?   What DO you want most in life?  Do you have that clarity of purpose and desire, or are you still playing amoeba?  The same thing applies to awakening in you “the motivated author.”  If you are new to writing, you may be inclined to have an experience or an awakening to your wisdom and expertise which you want to share, and your “plan” is to repeat the process when another “awakening” happens.  WHAT IF…you really focused on your current project and took a “time out” to think about:

  1. What it would take for you to come alive with WHY you wants to write; to discover, at a soul level, what really big message you want to share with readers and what pain you can resolve for someone with that message.
  2. What would happen differently in your writing, and how would that change your lifestyle, if as the motivated author, you would become more aware and open to the opportunities which will present themselves in a very big way, once the seed of intention has been planted and you know at a CORE level what gift you can share with the world?


Did you just ask, “Where do I even begin?

Life can be a mystery, to be sure, but it need not remain so… all that is necessary is to take time to think and plan what you want it to be, and in this instance, how you perceive a book to play into your desire and plan for achievement.  Remember, I noted that a book can be the “vehicle” that most easily drives your business forward.  That same vehicle can impact the lifestyle you took the time to find in your core, at your soul level.  Authors just need to discover how they can utilize this “vehicle” to their benefit, while sharing their wisdom and gifts by putting their voices in print. Perhaps one big book is TOO MUCH for you to consider; perhaps your message NEEDS to be digested in smaller pieces.  When you take the time to make this kind of assessment:

  • not only are you able to move yourself out of a self-imposed sense of overwhelm,
  • you are able to identify different target markets, plan for future publications  –  each building on a previous one –  and
  • you might see the myriad of ways you can re-purpose much of your life’s work that is probably already on your computer or in reports archived in your office.


You might ask yourself whether your topic is of a nature that some large corporation might purchase your book in bulk – for example:   One friend of mine wrote a book on infertility – a poignant story of her personal journey.  Can you imagine the special interest groups who are standing in line to purchase multiple copies for their patients?  I have another client whose life work is managing the trauma of children caught in the midst of national disasters.  Again – there are a number of organizations who have a real heart for making sure her message gets to the hands of the many people who have to address this issue, and may well be totally unprepared for how to do so.

If your passion is to be a fiction writer, you have another series of questions to ask (and that is being saved for another post!).

As you delve into who you are, what you want to be/become, and what you want to share with the world… would now be a good time to ask yourself how you want to deliver that message?

  • You can, by conscious choice, decide that your book will be nothing more than a “tickler” or a big business card that allows you to get the attention of others – quietly shouting out your mastery and expert status.
  • You can decide that it will be your ticket to speaking engagements, workshops, masterminds, retreats, or coaching.

Because I have the privilege of seeing it happen every day, I KNOW the impact writing a book can have on a desired lifestyle – not to mention the self confidence gained by the motivated author who has walked the long walk and come out strong and courageous on the other side.  I encourage the dreaming of what life could be like one year from now, or perhaps even three or five!  It is that same creative genius that stimulates writing that can stimulate tying the results of your writing to what keeps you… the motivated author. It is prudent to build a business that supports a desired lifestyle… how can a book make that happen for you more easily, quickly and enjoyably?  You have to ask yourself these questions, and – more importantly – take the time to answer them. As you head into the weekend, I encourage you to read this post and take it to heart.  What more do you want of your life, and how can writing a book make that happen for you… if you remain, the motivated author?


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