The “Business of Writing” and The Value of Developing Platform or Signature Products

When considering the “business” of writing, it is essential to understand that in reality some authors write novels; some write poetry; others, however, choose to share the mastery of their careers or the passion of their hearts in through information products in the form of “Platform” or “Signature” programs designed to inform, educate and often… to entertain.

The bulk of my client base has been service professionals who desire to represent what they “do” and deliver the results to reach a wider audience while:

  1. Quickly and easily creating the perception as an industry expert.
  2. Providing a deeper awareness of shared expertise by offering assessments, templates, Q & A sessions, action steps and worksheets.
  3. Promoting one specific, easily identifiable message.
  4. Collectively presenting what might be a wider range of topics.

The heart of this particular style of writing necessitates a different level of expertise and strategic planning; it requires that you look deeply into the “business’ of writing and plan for success by:

  • Completing an extensive overview and outline of what you have to share, how best to structure the flow of that information, and what the ultimate experience you want the reader to have.
  • Deciding the right price point that will be, at the same time… attractive to potential buyers and declarative of the intrinsic value to be derived in its purchase.
  • Defining the “system” of delivery to ensure it is automated sufficiently to allow you to work on creating more “deliverables!”

In essence,  if your intention is to step into the “business of writing, you need to be able to wrap your head around what writers of information products need and work within the constructs of an exact step-by-step system to create Signature | Platform Information Products in an efficient manner that:

  • marketing is simplified,
  • the author is open to additional time to write, speak and teach at a higher level and…
  • allows for a realistic  expectation of being more highly compensated for the joy of leaving your mark on the world!

If you are not clear on WHAT your information product could|should be – that is my greatest passion… helping you define the “gold” between your ears and HOW to deliver it to an awaiting world so that you, too, can see your voice in print.

What is your ONE burning question about Information Products?   Email me today at and put ONE BURNING QUESTION in the subject line.

Anna… the Literary Strategist that takes you by the hand and guides you through whatever phase of becoming an author you are experiencing discomfort.

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