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I was on a much extended training last night about writing a book in a super fast fashion.  Although the idea held my interest clear through to when the speaker just had to shut down on 68 people still on a call that extended well beyond the time limit, the most significant thought that kept running through my mind is, “Inspiring others to rapidly push through to a finished product is one thing;  the real key to being successful is making sure that product is sold!”  Thus my little discourse today is about using online marketing to “get your book noticed.”

Competition is Fierce

Because there has never been a better time in history to write a book, competition is fierce – not just from other books but other forms of entertaining media.  To get your book noticed in today’s market calls for having a strong online presence so that you can lift your book above the myriad of other media clutter.

The good news… when you write a book the very thing many authors fear about the Internet is that is it the one tool that offers a wealth of promotional opportunities, and – one from which you can expect amazingly fast and efficient results.  The more you utilize the power of online marketing the more quickly you can reach your readers directly, and if you are using the right tools – engage them in conversations about your book.  It is at that point of “connection” that you begin to retain loyal readers.

Get Your Book Noticed… it’s YOUR Job!

It is no secret that whether you self-publish or are one of the fortunate authors who get picked up by a major publisher… YOU are still responsible for the task to get your book noticed.  The publisher might assume the responsibility of getting your book on Amazon or, but if you want to exploit the many offerings on the internet you will need to engage in the kind of activities that… close the gap between successful online promotions and the reader purchases that are just one click away. At the end of the day, it becomes clearly evident that successful authors can’t afford not to have a serious online presence.

Plethora of Online Marketing Choices

What all that entails depends on you – there is a plethora of choices, many of which I will be discussing in the coming days (hint to stay connected!) but, for today, the greater message is that once you decide to connect with your audience online, make sure your efforts are focused on a specific audience.  Tomorrow’s post will discuss a number of online book marketing opportunities that make it possible to get your book noticed!

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  1. Great article, thank you. I signed to your blog RSS.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Ramona. I trust you will gain some benefit from future posts. If there is anything you have a particular question about, let me know. MUCH happiness in your day. A

  2. Thank you again Anna for another very informative post. I’ll be watching and reading in the days ahead!

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