Tell the world YOU are an Author!

Tell the WorldMost authors intend to be successful in this “business” of writing and the primary way to gauge that success is by the number of books sold and the profit derived from strategically planning an effective marketing and promotion campaign.  If you want the world to know YOU are an Author – you have to tell them!

Being an author is 5% writing and 95% promotion.  ~ Russ Marano, Hi-Tek Newsletter

Many authors experience two levels of angst when it comes to this part of being successful:

  1. Being a salesman is not within their greatest level of comfort.
  2. Most marketing and promotion budgets are relatively limited.

Neither of these has to be problematic if you are willing to embrace a positive attitude about them up front, and accept a few basic realities listed below.

  1. It costs money to advertise… but that is not your only recourse in promoting your work.
  2. Book promotion takes time.  Unfortunately, writing the book is a piece of cake compared to the amount of time, energy and resources on promoting it.  For example: book reviews take three months to even years to appear due to the increasing massive numbers of books currently being published and presented for review.  You have to be willing to go the long haul.
  3. Readers are more receptive to editorial copy than advertising – spend your dollars wisely and with this in mind – not getting caught up by the promises of an advertising agent!
  4. Doing the work yourself may seem like more than you want to handle, but… at the end of the day – if you are counting on your publisher to be overly eager to expend time, money and resources – you need to ask yourself who really has the vested interest.
  5. Carefully analyze your market, making sure you are not wasting time, effort or resources on a readership that really isn’t keenly interested in your genre.
  6. The best promotion is up to you!  Whether you have been picked up by a publisher or have decided that self-publishing will be more rewarding, how much you promote your book probably will be 95% of the reason it is or is not successful.
  7. Your publication date should be far ahead of your promotional efforts!  This one is a kicker for many first time authors who have the perception that the book is written and then promoted for sale.   Not so!  Everything about your marketing campaign should start 9-12 months ahead of its launch.

If one of these items tends to make you feel a bit “itchy” please email me at with the word “Itchy” in the header and I will provide a complimentary 30 minute Strategy Breakthrough Session around that issue.

Until tomorrow, when I will address the appropriate manner to deliver Book Reviews and a list to where you might consider sending your copies… keep in mind that you have a legacy message to deliver to an awaiting world and it is important that you get your Voices in Print.

Anna Weber
Author|Speaker|Literary Strategist


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