Sequence the Promotion and Marketing of Your Book


Book Promotion Sequence

There is a proper sequencing to promoting and marketing your book. Many new authors aren’t yet aware that it is critical to announce your book to the world at large before trying to come face to face with readers. Doing some of this “upfront” work, you make it easier to find your book and your company. I am planting a few seeds today – to shake up your thinking and get your mind in a frame to consider a few suggestions you may not have thought about…

1. Never take no for an answer when you begin sending your application to registration offices and directories! Wait a while, figure a creative way around their objection, and resubmit – – most of the time, if enough time has lapsed they will not even remember your initial rejection.

2. Represent yourself as a larger “entity.” Hopefully, this will not be the only book you publish so come up with a creative name for a publishing company that you own. This makes it easier to get listed in all the right places. In line with this – purchase your ISBN numbers in blocks – saving time and money and making it obvious in future submissions that you have multiple publications. Oh… and don’t use the first number in the series – start somewhere in the middle. (More information on this in later posts)

3. Understand that timing is everything! The ABI service supported by Bowker, that gets your books listed in Books in Print and other specialty directories is published every year in November… plan your work and publishing to take advantage of being in THAT directory as an advance part of your publishing plans. You will need to complete that form a good six months before your book is printed. One caveat is that if there is ANY possibility that you won’t go to press and have books… wait on this action. It would be a travesty to be in the directory and never go to press!

If you are an aspiring author and these tips raise questions, please – make your posts here. If you are an accomplished author who wants to support others with your personal experience – please come from a place of generosity and share!

Anna Weber
Voices in Print
… Getting your legacy message to an awaiting world

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