Self-Publishing Strategy

It’s the greatest time in history to be a writer!  I am passionate about demystifying the publishing process… guiding aspiring authors through the entire process:

  • from the creative spot of finding the right idea, to the task writing your book;
  • from finding an agent and/or publisher (or self-publishing), to promoting and marketing; and
  • from finding your audience through social media, to e-books, publicity, promotion and Public Relations.

Wealth, recognition and career advancement

With that being said, the discussion today is about publishing options and how they play into the strategy of self-publishing.  There has alway been a prestige unparalleled as an author; publications having frequently brought wealth, recognition and career advancement. How to achieve that has long remained somewhat of a mystery as large publishing companies managed and created a certain perception of  the industry and the author, cloaking much of it in secrecy.  Today, many enterprising people are charting a strategic course of establishing an expert standing; it is that strategy that eludes many in the self-publishing realm.

Self-Publishing Options

Many people have the passion to write a book, to share a legacy message with an awaiting world; many have the drive, but most really lack an organized, strategic approach that provides the results of a successfully published manuscript.  Writing a book does not have to be difficult!  For the most part, if you have something about which you passionately speak… you can just as passionately write.  However, due to the fact that most people must eek out their writing in whatever extra time they can manage in an otherwise overwhelmingly busy life, many projects lay on the cutting room floor.  The travesty of this is that many beautiful memoirs and a wealth of wisdom that can and should be passed on to future generations fall into this wasteland of disappointment and unfinished projects.

Backed with the strength of desire, direction, determination and discipline, it is possible to tap into a well charted strategic course and participate in what now amounts to over one-half of the gross national product – the distribution of salable information.  Write about what you know – and produce well-researched, organized, current content that is beautifully packaged.  The concept seems simple, and it can be if you work from the constructs of a well-defined strategy.

A Writer’s Strategy…

Start somewhere!  The desire to develop a name and gain visibility may require a willingness to write many non-paying articles – in magazines or online publications.  If you plan this strategically, at the end of a relatively short period of time you will have sufficient material for your first book!  Keep in mind that many “first books” are nothing more than a big business card that establishes your credibility and serve as the foundation for workshops, seminars, tele-classes, speaking engagements and a myriad of other creatively designed “spin-off” products.

The next natural step in a writer’ strategy is to offer your expertise as a consultant, coach or instructor.  Once you have “packaged” your knowledge, it is an easy process to become “media ready” and become a regular on radio or television; it is this level of publicity that sells your books.

Take a few minutes today to consider the wealth of knowledge you have gained over many years in your industry and in the process of sharing it, generate recognition, respect, and wealth.  Take time to seriously consider, and boldly ask yourself, “What could I most naturally write about?”

Come back soon… more strategies in writing, publishing and promoting your works.

Anna Weber
Voices in Print…  If our purpose in life is to serve, and if in sharing your “legacy message” with an awaiting world you can be that positive impact on the lives of others, well, then – – isn’t it time to get your Voice(s) in Print?
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