One-a-Day Writer’s Marketing Vitamins

“I was born to write – not market!”

I hear this from almost every author.  Not only are most authors NOT hard-wired to sell, they really don’t know where to start.  Understanding their book as a business, writers embrace advice that comes at them from every well-meaning person they encounter, hang onto the words that slip off the pages of marketing how-to books, and grab at online information as it comes flying across computer screens. However, an immobilizing sense of overwhelm looms like a huge grey cloud as the recognition dawns that knowing what to do and how to do it are two distinctly different animals!

One-a-Day Marketing Vitamin

One-a-Day Marketing Vitamin

Just like one-a-day vitamins build body strength and durability, so do simple activities, engaged in consistently – build marketing efforts and writer visibility.  Develop a MAP (Motivated Action Plan) that includes weekly goals to keep you constantly moving forward in the quest to expand your platform, extend your book visibility, and deepen your network.  This is definitely an area of being successful where “who” you know is probably as important, if not more so, than “what” you know. The following seven ideas have been designed to have you complete just one marketing strategy task a day.


1. Select one day a week that you will increase your blogging “connections” by inviting a guest blogger to post an article, or find another blog that would be good exposure for you to be a guest… expand your visibility!

2. Select one day a week to commit to commenting on other blogs.  Not only do you get your name out there, but you also build relationships and establish your own expert status.

Personal and Professional Development

3. Select one day a week to make sure you don’t remain stagnant!  Find another blog to subscribe to that will increase your own personal knowledge and keep you connected with others who can help you keep your “edge.”  Don’t be surprised that as you seek to develop your personal and professional skills, you will find other creative ways to build your own platform.

Keeping an Eye on SEO

4. Select one day a week to understand more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The intent is not to have you switch careers and become a techie geek, but when you understand the power that comes from using the right keywords in your writing, you will find that making minor changes in how you write your article will make major shifts in the recognition you gain.  The only “technical knowledge” that is required can be found by visiting Google or YouTube and assess the marketing phrases being used by others, and fully understanding the terms you personally type in when you search for something, and then applying that knowledge to improve your own writing.  The underlying intent is to weave into your writing the key search terms your audience might type in as they look for information to fill their particular need.

Making “Connections”

5. Stop a moment and consider how you feel when someone else graciously steps up and offers to help promote your book, and then consider the potential in not only increasing your “network,” but using a bit of life’s good karma when you step up and help promote the work of another spirited writer.  Add another author’s book to your “favorites” on your website, look it up on Amazon and post a quick review, use Social Media to post a comment on Facebook or Twitter.  Can you begin to see how just 5-10 minutes one day a week will get you out there in a much larger way – and all the while you are simply “paying it forward.”

6. The industry is filled with Persons of Influence (POI’s)!  It is your task once a week to identify one POI and make an introduction either through a direct mail letter, email, Facebook post, group post, etc.  You can choose to compliment them on some comment they have made, seek their professional advice, or simply acknowledge their position and make note that you would like to stay connected.

7. This may well be the most difficult because we tend not to pat ourselves on the back; I have left it for last, but that certainly does not diminish the importance or value!  Everyone loves acknowledgement and praise; writers are no different.  We love to hear readers expound on our book, but we rarely take time to document those positive statements, or ask if they would mind offering them as a testimonial.  It would be a wise investment to offer your book to one person a week – in exchange for their allowing you to follow up the next week or so and get a testimonial from them!  That testimonial, of course should be placed either on your website, woven into a blog post or, if the reader is amenable – being entered on Amazon.

I trust that ONE STEP EACH DAY in the pursuit of being successful in the distribution of your book should not be burdensome.  It is as those behaviors or habits become more natural as you allow yourself to get excited about the possibilities of what these little actions, taken on a daily basis, represent in terms of steadily building your visibility in a big way.

If you want to do bigger and greater things in the future, you must start with smaller actions taken today!  When is NOW the time to create your Marketing MAP (Motivated Action Plan) and mark on your calendar every day for the next 30 days a repeat of one of these seven action steps?

Anna Weber
Encouraging you ALWAYS to engage in positive, life-altering actions that will ultimately provide you with long-term, sustainable benefit!  Turning your words into cash!
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  1. Great advice! Thank you – I’m on it~

    • admin says:

      Jacquelyn, SO happy you popped in – will look forward to future “comments!” And, will be excited to hear the positive direction you can take using this information! MUCH happiness in your day. A

  2. Awesome article. Saved on stumbleupon 🙂

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