How to Get the Media to Publicize Your Book

Many authors are confident their book could be a best seller and are excited about seeing themselves on television, or make appearances on the radio, and receive rave reviews in print media. If you see yourself as just such an author, you will be interested in knowing just how to solicit the help of the media to make these things happen for you and your book!  The connection between Authors Publicity and PR can be a critical component in the success of your book; it is equally important as one of your book marketing strategies.  Don’t rely on random acts of publicity; strategically design how you are going to maximize the opportunities!

Just WHAT is Public Relations (PR)?

Public relations is the smart move of utilizing the media, take your pick:  television, magazines, radio, television, newspapers and yes, even websites – to generate interviews, articles, and appearances about your newly published book. Drawing on the power of PR, authors can shift away from highly paid advertising in exchange for an appearance on television or radio, or the posting of articles in print media.  When done right – it is free and gains you a much wider visibility than you will normally get from paid advertising.

What Tools are Needed for Public Relations?

Press Releases put all your efforts to work as you promote the publication of your new book.  There is a right way and a wrong way to craft press releases that show you off, reveal how good you will look in front of the media, and how great book reviews and books signings make you, the Author, more marketable to a media expert’s audience.

There is a right way to create Press Kits that will draw more attention from key media outlets who will be willing to pitch your story.  When this tool is correctly designed and presented, it is highly likely that you will be booking great interviews and have the opportunity to make the most of generating publicity for your book.  Not to mention how exciting it will be for you, as the Author, to stand tall in the press!

It is critical that you understand how a Media Interview is conducted.  There is a fine interplay in the music between authors, publicity and PR; you never want to be mis-quoted or have your message taken out of context.  You MUST be properly prepared.  These interviews are conducted in a particular sequence, with a particular objective in mind – satisfy the audience, not sell your book!  ONLY when you have been a stellar guest will the Host give you the kind of kudos that lead to listeners wanting more of you; it is ultimately the Host who will drive the interest in, and direction to, your amazing publication.  How you present your PR Message during every interview must be handled appropriately… there IS a way to make it happen without appearing as though your only reason for being on the show is to sell.

Book Reviews don’t just happen – there is a specific protocol in sending them to the appropriate review services. They also don’t happen quickly – so if this “tool” is one you plan to use (and they can be POWERFUL!) it is important you send the right information, packaged in just the right way, to just the right service.  What you do with the reviews you get is equally important – there are a number of ways you can maximize the power and leverage the benefit of each book review you are fortunate enough to secure.

Book Signings intrigue and inspire some authors, while that touring process causes great angst in others.  It can be an expensive tool, but greatly rewarding if you want to connect with your readers.  Fortunately, the internet has taken its own spin on the book tour and created a virtual process; if you aren’t aware of the Virtual Book Tour process, you probably should be.

Hiring a Publicist is considered a necessity by some authors; a luxury by others.  If you decide to add this to your arsenal, you will need to first consider what you expect the publicist to do for you, how you find one that you can really count on, and how much the luxury is going to cost you.

These are really just the tip of the iceberg – there are myriad ways in which to use the media to gain massive publicity for your book.   My intent with today’s post is to plant enough seeds of curiosity about how to maximize the benefits of this low-cost tool that you will leave your most burning question in the comments section.


And remember my open door policy:  Leave your questions in an email to with HOW CAN I USE MEDIA in the subject line.


Anna Weber

Always… encouraging you to take positive steps toward being highly compensated, as a successfully published author, for leaving your mark on the world!

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