How do Authors Best Use Social Media to Promote Their Books?

Authors need to promote – if that piece is missing, so are sales!

There appears to be a great hesitancy to engage in self-promotion in the new social media engagement.  When presented in the right format, self-promotion is perfectly acceptable, provided the “format” includes education, entertainment and information.  When you are genuine in your sharing of your knowledge and mastery that format becomes an authentic way of participating in a community; the sales will naturally follow.  Successful book marketing strategies will include the following considerations:

The Innovative Use of Technology

Including self promotion as part of your book marketing strategies is critical; being innovative is important.  This translates to utilizing a broad range of options that includes multi-social media sites, multi-media offerings that include written pieces as well as audio and video clips.  Podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels… each offers an amazing array of delivering an expanded message.  How and were you deliver your promotion is an important decision.  You know your book better than anyone else – where will your ideal reader “show up” and to what media format will they be more likely attracted?  With the ever-expanding options, your book marketing strategies mus include the ability to assess which handful will provide the perfect connection between you and your loyal readers.

Promote to the Right “Crowd”

When drafting book marketing strategies, it is necessary to consider whether you need to market differently when you are promoting in a B2B or a B2C environment.  This is a serious question to consider, but the one interesting statistic I did find relative to it supports the importance is not so much that your message has to be differently constructed, but lies more in where you deliver it. According to the  State of Inbound Marketing report, “B2C companies are more successful on Facebook, while B2B companies are better at engaging their LinekedIn contacts.“

Take Time to Establish Clear Promotion Goals

The use of social media in promotion is just one part of your book marketing strategies; each action should be designed to support your business goals… keeping in mind that if you are to be successful with a published book – you must approach your book as a business.  Your objective (goal) to make money by tapping into fans and followers is a small part of your overall marketing and promotion plan; social media is just one of the increasing number of the tools that allow you to do that in a timely, effective and cost-efficient manner.

I trust these ideas will at least have you thinking about how you might best use social media to promote your book, as an integral part of your book marketing strategies.  If you have an important question I didn’t give you the answer to, email it to me at, and put “social media question” in the header.

May you have a great day… strategically promoting your great work!

Anna Weber
Voices in Print


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  1. Great post. I learned a lot from this. I also watch for the detail in other sites but this post sums it all up to refer back to until all are mastered.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for sharing. I am glad that you found some benefit. Just keep in mind – there will always be MORE here! MUCH happiness in your day.


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