Five Tips On How Authors Can Succeed With Online Marketing

Taking Book Marketing Online

To get your book noticed includes the challenge of raising it above all the media clutter of other authors seeking attention for their works.  Many have not yet stepped into the powerful world of online media, where you can partake of a bounty of promotional opportunities – online retail, fast and efficient research, free-lance reporters, writer’s groups and other communities and organizations who may not only embrace the value of your written message, but seek you out as a professional speaker who is well versed on your topic.

More importantly, however, is the ability to actually reach your readers directly and engage with them in such a manner that they want to utilize every book, product or service you subsequently offer.  This marketing arena is pretty much untapped territory for most authors, and if you are quick to the gate, you will be able to exploit much of what the Internet has to offer.  This post and several subsequent articles will cover important aspects to consider as you build relationships with readers, service providers, other authors, the media and potentially… large publishing houses who may be interested in BOOK #2!

The Essentials…

Having a website is essential – it serves as the core location for reviewing your credentials, ordering your book, reading your daily blogs or daily journal posts… all things necessary to establish and maintain a connection with your readers, the media and the publishing world at large.  The site doesn’t have to be complex or extensive; it is better to have a simple site that has a few core elements than holding off until you feel you can afford to pay a service to design some WOW! type of site – or learn the skills to develop one yourself when you should be spending time writing BOOK#2.

The most important consideration is that you do have a place to attract and connect to your audience online.  It must:

  1. Appeal to your particular audience and meet their needs;
  2. Be easy to navigate; and
  3. Offer information and content in such a way that your readers and the media experience the essence of you as the writer – the person.

Online Book Marketing Opportunities

In upcoming posts I will cover a broad span of online marketing topics, ranging from choosing your domain name to selling your book as an eBook; from the creative elements needed in your site to tying social media into the mix.  I trust the balance of this post will encourage you to at the least – embrace the many ways you can get your book noticed… online.

  1. The Website:  Expanding the sales page created by your publisher.  Whether you are picked up by a larger publisher, choose a vanity press, print-on-demand as a self-publisher, or some hybrid of these, you will have far more success by creating a site of your own that extends beyond a sales page. You may think it sufficient to take advantage of the Amazon and Barnes and Noble online, but until you personally have a place to connect with your reader, at a level only YOU can, you are single-handedly stalling the potential sales of your book.
  2. Blogs and Newsletters:  Becoming the consummate blogger.  Blogging or article writing is not only a way to stay in touch with your readers, it is a method of continuing to reflect your expert status to the media and the publishing industry at large.  Additionally, if you are strategic in your approach, Book#2 might materialize in an almost magical way over the course of time as you see common threads interwoven throughout your posts.  You can also exercise the option of making your posts  on other larger sites that will certainly get you the kind of “name exposure” that becomes both valuable and viral.  Book publishing discussion groups, online newsletters, and reading groups are additional places you can “post” short comments, questions and responses that get you noticed for your expert writing skills or knowledge base.
  3. Optimized Marketing:  Reaching your specific audience at its core. If you walked that strategic path to defining your audience before or during the writing of your book, you will know how to best massage your site so that it is:  a) easy to connect with specific individuals, b) easy to deliver ongoing content directed to their needs, and c) easy to convert them to the sales of future products and/or services.  With the proper use of key words, meta tags, and meta descriptions, which we will discuss more in length in another post, your efforts to swiftly draw the right reader to your site will shift from struggle to ease.
  4. Social | Personal Marketing Tactics:  Using your site to keep your readers happy! It is totally within your control whether you have a long list of first time buyers, or through catering to their needs, convert those sales into repeat purchases and the efficiencies of an effective website is your ultimate tool.  In my years of experience both on the Internet and in the coaching/publishing industry, never have I seen the power and collective of tools to automate the work that must be done to continue to endear you as a writer to your audience.
  5. Extreme Online Marketing:  Stretching your comfort zone and drawing in the masses. Readers respond to different messages and to different types of delivery.  Since sales is directly tied to reaching greater numbers of potential readers, your messages cannot be stagnant nor can they be one-dimensional.  Videos, eBooks, book trailers, contests, social media… and the list goes on.  Unless you are really conservative and/or an introvert – there is really no end to the fun, creative, provocative and exciting ways you can be extreme as you seek to get your book noticed!  The only limitation, as I see it, is your desire to stretch your comfort zone.

I trust these five tips about how you can take advantage of online marketing for your book have planted a few seeds of curiosity and excitement.  If any one of these provokes a question, remember the open door policy at!

Anna Weber
Inspiring you to put your voices in print, share a legacy message, and become highly compensated for leaving your mark on the world.
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