Five Key Book Marketing Strategies

Book Marketing Strategies

There is nothing more powerful than having a strategic approach to marketing your book; from that strategy authors can create a MAP (Motivated Action Plan) that helps them retain focus, prioritize activities, and minimize the use of valuable time and money resources. The following tips should be “up for consideration” as you begin your “strategizing.”

1. Website creation – should begin several months prior to your anticipated publication date. Not only do they take more time that the optimistic author anticipates, buta list of followers takes time to develop as well. It takes time to develop key relationships with supporting websites, blogs, forums and ezines.

2. There are a number of tools which are utilized in creating digital fanmail. Either the author or a delegated party much be highly comfortable with the auto responder software; codes must be appropriately designed for the website and blog; and drip marketing script must be pre-written and loaded to maximize the automation of delivering timely messages that keep the author” front of mind” with readers.

3. As soon as they are available, review copies must be sent to targeted print media sources and media kits to major television and radio stations.

4. Unless you are working with a publisher who arranges for the distribution of your book, it is necessary to initiate these activities as quickly as you are confident the book is going to print.

5. Create a specific marketing campaign, complete with openings for media spots, book tours (starting locally), virtual book tours, book trailers, social media campaigns, and other niched campaigns – such as Amazon or Barnes and Nobel.

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Anna Weber
Voices in Print

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