Five Great Reasons to Self Publish…


There are a number of reasons people want to publish; the number one in my mind is leaving a legacy message. Sharing what you have learned throughout your career, sharing a passion you have explored over the course of your lifetime, and simply leaving a legacy to your family and friends – all good reasons to write and be published!

The world of publishing has changed, and I for one am excited about that! In the past, many amazing authors went unpublished because their manuscripts did not fall into the right hands – or before the right eyes. With today’s technology, many amazing “messages” can be brought before the world. The following are good reasons you should follow your heart and work to self-publish your missives.

1. You have the ultimate decision-making over the direction of your book. You are no longer held captive to anyone who’s intention or interest is different from yours.

2. You can meet the needs of the niche market you see and want to support. Traditional publishers may not find your book a topic they feel has a demand large enough to bother publishing; you can test the waters with a short run.

3. You have a passion for the history, culture, or photo-display of your local community – publishers would probably decline publishing your work, feeling the sales potential is limited. You have the in – you have the connections – you know where and how to market locally, and you KNOW the audience who will purchase multiple copies! Put that project together…

4. Sometimes timing IS everything – and getting a book done in several months makes more sense than waiting years for a publisher to finally decide you are a worthy candidate!

5. In traditional publishing – you do not always retain the full ownership of the rights to your book, and may have difficulty printing additional copies unless you purchase future rights to your own intellectual property. Being self-published, you have those rights from day one.

5. In traditional publishing, your project may be financed, but your royalties are often less than 20%. The misunderstood part of the publishing industry is that the author is deemed responsible for marketing themselves and their book anyway – so if that is the case, why give up so much of your margin?

Until the muses run again… keep being inspired to write – to leave YOUR legacy message.


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  1. Brandy says:

    I honestly learned about the majority of this, but that being said, I still believed it turned out useful. Excellent job!

  2. i’d love to share this posting with the readers on my site. thanks for sharing!

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