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It is true… there has never been a better time to write a book and become a successfully published author.

It is also true that it takes courage to get visibility for your book and one of the best ways to do that is to enter the world of ePublishing – the world where you can get amazingly excited to learn just how many possibilities there are, and how simple and inexpensive many of them are!  It is a “process” and you do have to put in some effort, but the rewards can be huge!

Write that book!   ePublish it!  Be highly compensated for leaving your mark on the world!

Limited time purchase of Voices In Print’s newest eReports are yours for the price of a latte!

Throughout the month of July, all Self Publishing for the First Time Author eReports are priced at


A new title will be uploaded each Monday during July

ePub! The Author’s Digital Book Experience is formatted to follow this exact process, impressing upon each reader the necessity of considering the possibility of publishing a product compatible with eReader devices. The number of possible solutions increase daily, making it necessary to explore each one in detail in order to avoid mistakes, and to take advantage of the collective of tools, techniques, connections and resources that would otherwise take a considerable amount of time to research.

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To write an eBook is a journey in self discovery; writing an information product – a labor of love. Writing is a tremendously powerful tool… if you look at it as the “doing” part of thinking!



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