Creating a Powerful Author’s About Page

If as an author, your intention is to use your publication as a drawing card, or validation of your expert status and credibility, you will want to do more than create a Media page, which author’s frequently feel are a duplication of information and effort.   Not so.

The About page can seriously impact the success you experience.  Beyond the book is the author, and it is that person your readers want to  know and understand, and will frequently look for the About page before perusing the remainder of your site.  Although you may be disinclined to puff out your chest and brag, you don’t have to hesitate laying out the critical elements that will positively impact your conversion:

Let your About page speak for you about why you are the resource for the most urgent issue your niche experiences. Make sure the facts you list are ones to which your readers can relate. Think of it this way… how can you language your message to make you shine, and look like the “hero” your readers are in search of.  You know your mastery, your industry, and your potential client – you know instinctively what words they will respond to, what fears or pains you are able to remove or diminish, and what pleasurable results can be expected.  Just share them in your About page!

Your whole life story is not required!  There are a few schools of thought about marketing that teach you to be reachable, to be vulnerable, to share your story so people can relate to you. The conservative rule of thumb is that unless it relates specifically to something from which your reader can hope to expect some life-changing value – go easy on the personal “open book.”  It is easy to be authentic and credible without going beyond the the realm of reasonable conveyance.

Add a tasteful number of elements about your life which will portray you as a warm, professional, competent multi-dimensional person. Readers will relate to you when they see they share common interests, core values etc. It is just best to stay away from the more intimate aspects of your life. A good example might be sharing the community activities in which you participate, or the reasons why you choose to contribute to a certain non-profit organization.

Note:  Facebook has created a venue where people feel free to write extensively about their friends and family and many find sharing interesting information about their pets has opened a larger world of friends… sharing that common bond for animals.

One final consideration:  Update your About page as major events occur in your personal life and as business facts become more relevant to the work you are doing and the message you want to convey to potential readers and clients. changes and new facts become more or less relevant.

Stop by often – you will find frequent information added to the site relative to your website – how to manage one without breaking the bank and other social media elements you will want to be familiar with.

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