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Authors: Where Does a New Author Send Book Reviews?

There IS more than one way to increase sales…  One of which is to submit your books to a review source. Book reviews can make a big difference in your success as an author, but choosing the right one is … Continue reading

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How to Get the Media to Publicize Your Book

Many authors are confident their book could be a best seller and are excited about seeing themselves on television, or make appearances on the radio, and receive rave reviews in print media. If you see yourself as just such an … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo, which was first published as an 18-part series begun in 1844, was finally published as a complete works in 1846. There have been a number of iterations, plays and movies that share with the world a classical story that was actually bits and pieces of a police archivist’s notes fictionalized by Alexandre Dumas. Continue reading

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Book Review: Madame Bovary

I set a goal to read “classics” through 2011; many of which I had read in school, but wanted to reconnect from the perspective of having become a published author. I am still reeling a bit over the recent rediscovery of Madame Bovary! Continue reading

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