Writers, aspiring to be successfully published authors, find themselves blocked at myriad places along their journey – thus their needs are significantly different.  Furthermore, every author-book-market combination is unique, making it difficult for any author or service provider within the industry to create or utilize a cookie cutter process that would work equally well for everyone.  Voices in Print | Literary Strategies and Get Your Book Noticed | Book Marketing Strategies are menu driven – allowing the author to be in full control of choosing only the tools and/or services to fill the gaps they specifically need.

Our first suggestion is to take advantage of a 90-minute Breakthrough Strategy Session where the aspiring author has the distinct privilege of working with a mentor who will assist with finding clarity and direction that accelerates the successful path of authoring.

Granted, there are many coaching programs and book shepherds for those writers who want more hand holding, but to be honest, sometimes it only takes one session to solve a problem or figure out an issue – leaving the writer to focus on following a MAP (Motivated Action Plan) and making far more progress than exerting energies and resources on weekly connections with a mentor.

Writing, publishing and promoting a book is not a linear process; it is the little things authors don’t know that make a huge difference in the success achieved. A 90-minute Breakthrough Session is used to work through a complicated situation – or to provide a confidential sounding board to explore additional resources, approaches, or perspectives intended to have the aspiring author take the right steps at the right time.  Having the fully undivided attention of a seasoned strategist who engages in continual education to remain on the cutting edge of the industry for a full 90 minutes either in person, by phone or via Skype is frequently the difference between a book being a dream – or one that is readily available for purchase.

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To get the most out of your session, you have the choice of setting your agenda ahead of time by sending me your questions in advance, or – alternatively – requesting a series of questions designed to inspire those feeling “totally clueless” about the process!

It is easy to set up a session that is convenient for your schedule, and with Breakthrough Strategy Sessions, you will find no on-going contracts or agreements required.

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