Be wildly successful with Pre-publication Book Reviews

Book reviewing is one of the few activities in the world that could be said to depend largely on love.  ~ Jack Beatty, Literary Editor – New Republic
Yesterday’s post was about telling the world YOU are an author, where you learned a bit about the different elements involved in that process.  Book marketing strategies are basic, if not easy to accomplish.  Today the focus in strictly on getting to the heart of the industry by delivering galley copies to get pre-publication review, and the strict sense of time that will convert this activity into early acceptance in book stores and libraries.

Get to the heart of the industry…

The first and best energies should be extended at sending out pre-publication book reviews. Your intent is to get to the “heart” of the publishing industry and secure ‘rave reviews” of your book so that bookstores and libraries are prepared and stocked before your readers come looking for it.  Hundreds of new titles are published every day.  Just think of the enormity of what these retailers must face; they simply cannot stock every book on their shelves.  In fact, many don’t even have a process of evaluating what they do stock!

With that in mind,  you must know the services these stores use to assist them in making the decision about which books to put into their system.  You also need to be aware when someone mentions “book reviews” that there is a difference between the pre-publication reviews that are sent to these services and those which are aimed at your readership.  The more professionally you accomplish this task, the better reviews you will get in other important publications as you continue to market your book.

Galley copies are the “laser” option you used to get your book to the printer; this will not suffice for the review companies.  They are expecting a perfect bound galley copy in a book-sized format.  Do NOT send a fully published book; it is less likely to be reviewed because it will no longer be considered pre-published.

Timing is everything…

There probably will not be a post throughout this site that does not address at least one of two important points of being successful in your writing (or both if I can make it happen)… being that you approach your work as a business of writing and that you are realistic in the time frame in which everything must happen – and that most of your tasks do not occur after the book is published.  Both of these items are what I consider “critical points of understanding.”

For now, let’s focus on the importance of timing your pre-publication review galley copies getting delivered to review services… three to four months lead time.  This means that you must also have your printer service prepare these copies, craft a compelling cover letter and develop an inspiring Press Release.

If this developed an interest and a sense of urgency in the publishing project you have before you, and would like a list of some of the places you should be sending your galley copies, email me at and put the word PRE-PUBLICATION GALLEY in the subject line.

Anna Weber
Always… shaking up your thinking and – encouraging you to engage in positive, life-altering activities that will provide you with long-term, sustainable benefit!
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