Authors: What is Holding You Back on Using Social Media?

My question to you today, in continuing with Social Media considerations for authors seeking to promote their book is, “Are you still holding back on using Social Media?”

Are you among the authors reluctant to use Social Media to promote your work?  What is holding you back? The idea that you can’t monitor the return you might experience for your efforts?  Might I suggest there are other valuable, although intangible, reasons to embrace the power of Social Media to help you be successful at being compensated for sharing your  message and leaving your mark on the world?

First… there is probably no better way for you to have the dept of real-time interaction with your readership. That instant response, whether it is good or bad, is still valuable to you in your quest to gain expert status in your industry and be viewed as an outstanding writer.

 Next… there is no discounting the fact that by the right use of the platforms, you are able to complete searches and/or join groups and forums that are highly targeted – saving you time, energy, effort and resources in getting just the right message to the right ears.

There is also no better tool with which to go viral with promoting your book tours, signings, conferences and workshops, and any media interaction you have on your calendar. Staying updated on a consistent basis with your public, you can sidestep the cost and work of preparing and finding just the right media contact to send press releases.

Finally, when you consider the myriad of different formats with which you can deliver a broad array of messages, you significantly increase the possibility of reaching a sizable audience. After all, with more than 700 million users in Facebook alone, one of your videos, blog posts, articles, or podcasts just has to get someone’s attention!

Keep in mind these are just the tip of the iceberg…and if you play the game right and market with the optimum objective in mind… the tools that you use, such as Google Analytics, will help you quantify and view the progress you are making. This one tool alone can help you see which topic is of most interest to your readers, so you can repeat that task.

At the end of the day, however, nothing will impact the successful sales figures for your book like action!  Goals and creativity will not, talking and planning will not… only action will!  I have heard it said that creativity and genius are valuable, but the action taken to share them with the world is… priceless.

 If you have been hesitating, when would NOW be a good time to get started.  You will be surprised with positive results after a very short period of time – and you may actually come to enjoy yourself.

 Anna Weber

Literary Strategist
Voices in Print
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